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List of articles in category MTech Power Systems Projects
Sensor less Stator Field Oriented-Direct Torque Control with SVM for Induction Motor Based on MRAS and Fuzzy Logic Regulation - 2017
Open-End Multilevel Six-Phase Machine Drive System With Five Three-leg Converters - 2017
Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives under Stator Faults - 2017
Parameter Optimization for a fuzzy logic control of a Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor - 2017
Direct Model Predictive Control of Bidirectional Quasi-Z-Source Inverters Fed PMSM Drives - 2017
A General PLL Type Algorithm for Speed Sensor less Control of Electrical Drives - 2017
Torque ripple reduction and fast torque response strategy for predictive torque control of induction motors - 2017
Research on Control of Non-Ideal Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor in view of Torque Ripple Minimization - 2017
Modular Tri-port High-Power Converter for SRM based Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Trucks - 2017
Current Sensor Fault Diagnosis and Tolerant Control for VSI-Based Induction Motor Drives - 2017
A Novel Online Parameter Estimation Method for Indirect Field Oriented Induction Motor Drives - 2017
A Current Control Scheme of Brushless DC Motors driven by Four-Switch Three-Phase Inverters - 2017
Direct Torque Control of T-NPC Inverters Fed Double-Stator-Winding PMSM Drives With SVM - 2017
Power Factor Control for High Efficiency Operation of an Open-Ended Winding Motor Using a Dual Inverter Drive with a Floating Bridge - 2017
Maximum Power Point Tracking in Grid Connected Wind Plant by using Intelligent Controller and Switched Reluctance Generator - 2017
Modelling and Control of an Open-Loop Stepper Motor in Matlab/Simulink - 2017
Real Time Simulation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) utilizing RTDS and dSPACE - 2017
An Adaptive Control Scheme of SPV System Integrated to AC Distribution System - 2017
A Decoupled Adaptive Noise Detection Based Control Approach for Grid Supportive SPV System - 2017
Effects of Front-end Converter and DC-link of a Utility-scale PV Energy System on Dynamic Stability of a Power System - 2017

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