Hybrid Energy Storage System MicroGrids Integration For Power Quality Improvement Using Four Leg


Many problems have arisen in the management of utility networks as a result of the increasing need for distributed generation using renewable energy sources (RES). Using a microgrid to address these issues is an attractive option. It is possible that a specialised energy storage system could improve the microgrid's integration of RES by smoothing the resource's intermittency, improving power quality and enabling additional services like voltage and frequency management. As a result of technological constraints, hybrid energy storage systems are often required (HESS). To manage the power flow of a HESS, the second-order sliding mode controller described in this study uses a 4-Leg 3L-NPC inverter as the single interface between RES/HESS and the microgrid. The inverter can function with unbalanced loads while still maintaining a balanced ac voltage at the point of common coupling thanks to a 3-D space vector modulation and a sequence-decomposition-based ac side control. Unbalanced loads, NPC floating middle point voltage, and power division restrictions are all discussed in this paper's focus on DC current harmonics. An experimental 4-Leg 3L-NPC prototype on a test bench has been used to demonstrate that the proposed technique for HESS power flow regulation outperforms a standard PI control scheme.

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