Novel Supervisory Control Method for Islanded Droop-Based ACDC Microgrids


With a large percentage of renewable energy sources (RES) in the system, this research proposes a unique supervisory control method for an islanded hybrid AC/DC microgrid. To deal with the unavoidable fluctuations in the load and RES, droop control can be used. In addition, the output power of the generator may differ from the optimal point due to frequency and voltage fluctuations. A model predictive control-based optimization problem is formulated to update the set points of the available resources, including the interlinking converter and distributed generators, to restore the frequency and voltage of both ac and dc grids while reducing generation costs at short time intervals. The problem can be approximated to a quadratic programming model using the sensitivities that help to linearly represent the frequency and voltage of resource output power. Additionally, the second-order frequency sensitivity is calculated and applied selectively to account for the influence of reactive power on frequency and increase accuracy. Using a modified IEEE 33-bus system coupled to a sample dc grid, the proposed technique was tested For an island HMG, the simulation results show that it is capable of operating reliably and economically.

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