Grid-Connected PV-Wind-Battery based Multi-Input Transformer Coupled Bidirectional DC-DC


Hybrid PV/wind/battery system control approach is provided in this study. It uses a transformer-coupled bidirectional dc/dc converter for power flow management. The suggested system intends to satisfy the demand for power, control the flow of power from multiple sources, inject surplus power into the grid, and charge the battery from the grid as and when necessary. Wind power is harvested using a transformer-coupled boost half-bridge converter, while PV power is harvested using a bidirectional buck-boost converter and battery charging/discharging management. Ac loads are fed and interconnected with the grid using a single-phase full-bridge bidirectional converter. Decreased component count and reduced losses compared to grid-connected hybrid systems are some of the advantages of the suggested converter architecture. This enhances the system's efficiency and dependability. MATLAB/Simulink simulation results show that the proposed control technique for power flow management performs well under a variety of operating conditions. Extensive experiments show that the system can operate in a variety of modes, proving the usefulness of the topology and the effectiveness of the proposed control technique.

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