An Improved H5 Topology with Low Common-Mode Curren


The advantages of high efficiency, low cost, and small size have made transformerless PV grid-connected inverters increasingly common in distributed PV power generating systems. As a result of common-mode (CM) current, the dependability of transformerless PV inverters will be further harmed by electromagnetic interference and insecurity. A clamping diode is added to the H5 topology in order to reduce the CM voltage fluctuation in H5 topology, which is addressed in this research. H5-D and H5 topologies are also contrasted in terms of PSIM simulation findings, with the H5-D topology's ability to suppress CM currents being highlighted in particular. H5-D and H5 experimental prototypes are created, tested, and the experimental results show that the H5-D topology is superior. With the proposed H5-D architecture, distributed PV grid-connected power generating systems will have a new practicable topology.

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