Convex Relaxations of Probabilistic AC Optimal Power Flow for Interconnected AC and HVDC Grids


Increased reliability, connection to offshore wind, and coupling of power markets are all benefits of high voltage direct current (HVDC) systems. It is imperative to have powerful decision support systems in place because of the increasing volatility in power supply and the complexity that comes with new controls AC-OPF for ac and HVDC grids is proposed in this study, which takes into account wind uncertainty, fully exploits HVDC control capabilities, and employs the semidefinite relaxation of the AC-OPF in order to achieve the AC-OPF. An affine approximation of the chance constraint is introduced to achieve tractability, and corrective control plans for HVDC converters and generators are allowed to be determined. An active loss penalty term in the objective function and a systematic process for selecting penalty weights allow us to get feasible solutions." In order to keep the scalability intact, we introduce Benders decomposition. On a 53-bus and a 214-bus AC-DC system, we show that our technique can achieve near-global optimality guarantees using realistic forecast data. A Monte Carlo simulation demonstrates that a chance-constrained dc optimum power flow violates the joint chance constraint, whereas our suggested technique does not.

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