Two-Layer Control Scheme for Maintaining the FrequencyVoltage and the Optimal Economic Operation of Hybrid ACDC Microgrids


This work proposes a hierarchical control strategy for hybrid AC/DC microgrids in order to improve their optimal economic functioning. The two tiers of the proposed system are as follows: droop-based frequency/voltage regulation for solving the economic dispatch problem at the lower layer of an iterative process. When it comes to the AC and DC sections, the equal incremental cost criterion is applied separately; 2) The higher layer in which the power exchange between the sections is controlled by primary IC co-ordination to ensure economic and secure operations of hybrid AC/DC microgrids is maintained. Microgrid frequency and voltages are regulated using a droop technique in a distributed plug-and-play architecture in this hierarchical Control System of AC and DC sections. Using a centralised Control System in the tertiary IC coordination to eliminate the difference in incremental costs between the AC and DC sections, the overall generating cost of a microgrid is reduced. By doing time-domain simulations in PSCAD/EMTDC on a scaled-down hybrid AC/DC microgrid, the effectiveness of the proposed strategy is demonstrated and documented. IEEE

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