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List of articles in category MTech Power Electronics Projects
Optimized Design of Full-Bridge Modular Multilevel Converter With Low Energy Storage Requirements for HVDC Transmission Systems - 2017
Simulation study of FACTS devices based on ACÐAC modular multilevel hexagonal chopper - 2017
Simulation and Hardware Design of a Fly back Converter for Solar Energy Powered DC Loads - 2017
A New SST Topology Comprising Boost Three- Level AC/DC Converters for Applications in Electric Power Distribution Systems - 2017
A High Step-Down Isolated Three-Phase ACDC Converter - 2017
Modified Boost Derived Hybrid Converter: Redemption using FCM - 2017
Effects of Front-end Converter and DC-link of a Utility-scale PV Energy System on Dynamic Stability of a Power System - 2017
A Family of Voltage-Multiplier Unidirectional Single-Phase Hybrid Boost PFC Rectifiers - 2017
Advanced Voltage Support and Active Power Flow Control in Grid-Connected Converters under Unbalanced Conditions - 2017
Ac-Dc-Ac Single-Phase Multilevel Six-Leg Converter with Reduced Number of Controlled Switches - 2017
Soft-Switching Solid State Transformer (S4T) - 2017
Modular Multilevel Converter Control Strategy Based on Arm Current Control under Unbalanced Grid Condition - 2017
Frequency Control of Island VSC-HVDC Links Operating in Parallel with AC Interconnectors and Onsite Generation - 2017
Adaptive Droop Control of VSC-MTDC System for Frequency Support and Power Sharing - 2017
Virtual Capacitor Control: Mitigation of DC Voltage Fluctuations in MMC-based HVDC Systems - 2017
Energetic Macroscopic Representation of a Marine Current Turbine System with Loss Minimization Control - 2017
Modular Multilevel Converter Control Strategy Based on Arm Current Control under Unbalanced Grid Condition - 2017
Decoupled Control Scheme of Grid-Connected Split-Source Inverters - 2017
Control and Performance Analysis Methodology for Scale-up of MMC Sub modules for Back-to-Back HVDC Applications - 2017
7-Level Asymmetrical Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Converter Topology for Traction System - 2017

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