Object-Oriented Usability Indices for Multi-Objective Demand Side


Object-Oriented Usability Indices (OOUI) for multi-objective Demand Side Management are proposed in this study (DSM). Multi-objective DSM in a power network is measured by these metrics. DSM can be viewed as a way for utilities to reduce the amount of power they use during peak hours. In most cases, service providers are contractually obligated to limit or dim a customer's load based on contract terms. Peak power shaving, renewable energy integration, and an overall usability index are all included in this article. The first two indices measure peak load slashing and the integration of renewable energy, while the third measures the overall benefit obtained by DSM. Simulations in a grid-tied microgrid context for a multi-objective DSM formulation demonstrate the use of the proposed indices. The three diesel generators and two renewable energy sources that make up the microgrid framework have been selected. MATLAB has been used for the simulation. In order to use TLBO, the optimization tool is selected because of its simplicity and lack of algorithm-specific control parameters. The efficiency of the suggested approach is demonstrated by the outcomes of five different renewable energy scenarios. The results show that establishing the best conditions for DSM application is possible.

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