A Highly Reliable and High Efficiency Quasi Single Stage Buck Boot Inverter


A buck-boost power conditioning system is preferred for inverter systems with a wide range of input dc voltage change in order to maintain a stable output ac voltage. High-efficiency single-phase buck/boost inverter is proposed in this study. Shoot-through and PWM dead time can be eliminated with the suggested inverter, resulting in considerably improved system reliability. A MOSFET can be used as a switching device without conducting via the body diode, allowing for bidirectional power flow. The MOSFET body diode's reverse recovery troubles and the resulting diode loss can be addressed. Switching and conduction losses can be reduced by using MOSFETs. PWM control and a greater switching frequency allow the suggested inverter to be developed with a smaller number of passive components. The proposed inverter's advantages can be seen in the comprehensive testing findings. For 1.1 kW of output power, the suggested inverter can achieve a peak efficiency of 97.8% utilising basic PWM control at a switching frequency of 30 kHz.

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