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List of articles in category MTech DIP Projects
CPA-SLAM: consistent plane-model alignment for direct RGB-d slam - 2016
A local structure and direction-aware optimization approach for three-dimensional tree modeling - 2016
A smartphone app framework for segmented cancer care coordination - 2016
Association between tumor heterogeneity and overall survival in patients with non-small cell lung cancer - 2016
Automatic brain tumor tissue detection based on hierarchical centroid shape descriptor in t1-weighted MRI images. - 2016
Automatic hookworm detection in wireless capsule endoscopy images - 2016
Locality sensitive deep learning for detection and Classification of nuclei in routine colon cancer Histology images - 2016
MLP neural network classifier for medical image segmentation - 2016
Nonparametric joint shape and feature priors for segmentation of Dendritic spines - 2016
Pulmonary fissure detection in ct images using a Derivative of stick filter - 2016
Segmenting overlapping cervical cell in pap smear images - 2016
Tumour ROI estimation in ultrasound images via radon barcodes - 2016
Lung cancer survival prediction from pathological images and Genetic data - an integration study - 2016
Combining inertial measurements with blind Image deblurring using distance transform - 2016
LBP-based segmentation of defocus blur. - 2016
A fast method of fog and haze removal - 2016
A largest matching area approach to image denoising - 2016
An enhanced denoising technique using dual tree complex wavelet transform - 2016
Analysis of adaptive filter and ICA for noise Cancellation from a video frame - 2016
Learning joint demosaicing and denoising based on Sequential energy minimization - 2016

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