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List of articles in category MTech DIP Projects
An Image Watermarking Scheme Using Threshold Based Secret Sharing - 2017
Brain Tumor Detection And Segmentation Using Conditional Random Field - 2017
A Reversible Rie Based Watermarking Scheme - 2017
Fast Recognition Of Human Climbing Fences In Transformer Substations - 2017
Niqsv: A No Reference Image Quality Assessment Metric For 3d Synthesized Views - 2017
Skin Detection Based On Multi-Seed Propagation In A Multi-Layer Graph For Regional And Color Consistency - 2017
Retinex-Based Perceptual Contrast Enhancement In Images Using Luminance Adaptation - 2017
Wavelet-Based Single Image Super-Resolution With An Overall Enhancement Procedure - 2017
Color Demosaicking Via Nonlocal Tensor Representation - 2017
Iterative Block Tensor Singular Value Thresholding For Extraction Of Low Rank Component Of Image Data - 2017
Image Co-Saliency Detection Via Locally Adaptive Saliency Map Fusion - 2017
A New Secret Image Sharing Scheme Based On Compressed Sensing - 2017
Image Retrieval Based On Chrominance Feature Of The HMMD Color Space - 2017
A Novel Retinex Based Enhancement Algorithm Considering Noise - 2017
Synthetic Video Sequence for Dynamic Scenes - 2017
Imagehawk Search Engine: Content Based Image Retrieval System - 2017
Performance Evaluation Of Different Inpainting Algorithms For Remotely Sensed Images - 2017
Features Classification Forest: A Novel Development That Is Adaptable To Robust Blind Watermarking Techniques - 2017
Enhanced Ultrasound Image Reconstruction Using A Compressive Blind Deconvolution Approach - 2017
Robust Multi-Exposure Image Fusion: A Structural Patch Decomposition Approach - 2017

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