Sharing Energy Storage Between Transmission and Distribution


Stacking energy storage services in systems without centralised markets is the focus of this research. An important part of this study is looking at how to better integrate transmission-level congestion reduction with local, distribution-level goals. For this purpose, we present and show a unified Communication and optimization framework that we developed in-house. A weighted 11-norm goal is used in the congestion relief problem formulation. Corrective actions (i.e. energy storage injection and conventional generation modifications) are determined using this method, which minimises required deviations from a scheduled timetable. Two case studies are used to demonstrate this coordination structure. The first is based on a three-bus test system, while the second is based on a realistic portrayal of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. " Congestion alleviation, cost reductions, and increased renewable energy integration are all attributed to the scheduling system. With the help of the University of Washington's Doosan GridTech, Snohomish County PUD, and the Bonneville Power Administration, a large-scale case study was used to design a live demonstration. Demonstrating the scheduling framework's ability to work in a real-world production context with energy storage assets was the purpose of the demonstration. The outcomes of the demonstration were in line with computer simulations.

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