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List of articles in category MTech DSP Projects
Low-Rank Physical Model Recovery From Low-Rank Signal Approximation - 2017
Scalable Solvers of Random Quadratic Equations via Stochastic Truncated Amplitude Flow - 2017
Sparsity And Low-Rank Amplitude Based Blind Source Separation - 2017
Ber Analysis Of Regularized Least Squares For Bpsk Recovery - 2017
Spectrum Energy Based Voice Activity Detection - 2017
Overview Of Airborne Sar Data Processing Alogorithms - 2017
Speech/Music Discrimination For Analysis Of Radio Stations - 2017
Analysing Acoustic Model Changes For Active Learning In Automatic Speech Recognition - 2017
Study On Ofdm Frequency Offset Estimation Based On Emd Algorithm - 2017
A New Contourlet Transform With Adaptive Directional Partitioning - 2017
Sub graph-based filter banks for graph signals - 2016
Robust Convex Approximation Methods for TDOA-Based Localization under NLOS Conditions - 2016
Super Nested Arrays: Linear Sparse Arrays with Reduced Mutual Coupling – Part I: Fundamentals - 2016
Generalized Correntropy for Robust Adaptive Filtering - 2016
Semi definite Programming for Computable Performance Bounds on Block-Sparsity Recovery - 2016
Online Censoring for Large-Scale Regressions with Application to Streaming Big Data - 2016
New Sparse-Promoting Prior for the Estimation of aRadar Scene with Weak and Strong Targets - 2016
Japanese Janken Recognition by Support VectorMachine Based on Electromyogram - 2016
Investigating Ultraharmonic Modeling from Ultrasound Echo Signal with SISO Volterra Filter - 2016
Graph Signal Denoising via Trilateral Filter onGraph Spectral Domain - 2016

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