Distributed Optimal Tie-Line Power Flow Control for Multiple Interconnected AC Microgrids


Microgrids (MGs) are often maintained by separate operators in a multi-microgrid system (MMG). These MG operators have done substantial research into distributed energy trading/scheduling technologies. Under persistent load variation and operational stability, it is rarely stated how to coordinate these MGs to implement the acquired optimal schedule in real time while maintaining operational stability. In order to achieve this goal, a distributed multi-agent based distributed optimal tie-line power flow control technique is developed, which is supported by an overlapping regional Communication network and distributed sensors monitoring the tie-line power flows. As long as the MMG is running in grid-connected mode, the proposed approach can maintain scheduled tie-line power flows among the MGs by modifying real-time power outputs accordingly. When the MMG lands, a local frequency feedback mechanism can be used to aid in frequency recovery. Analytically, the proposed method is shown toconverge. Simulated results from an IEEE 34-bus test feeder system show that the suggested approach is effective and efficient in grid-connected as well as islanded modes.

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