PID CONTROLLER Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR)


The design and analysis of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer output voltage control is the subject of this article. A multiloop technique with an inner current PID regulator and an outer P+Resonant voltage controller is used to achieve this control. The output inductor current is subjected to the inner regulator. It will also be shown how the load current behaviour affects the DVR output voltage, demonstrating the requirement for a resonant controller. In addition, the use of a modified algorithm for identifying DVR voltage references, which is based on a previously described positive sequence detector, will be explained. All of the analysis and design methods were carried out using single-phase equivalent circuits because the examined three-phase DVR is believed to be built on three identical H-bridge converters. Theoretical calculations, nonlinear simulations, and some experimental results are used to support the arguments and conclusions.

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