Optimal Dispatch of Coupled Electricity and Heat System with Independent Thermal Energy Storage


Adding thermal energy storage to a coupled electricity and heat system (CEHS) can provide significant benefits (TES). Current research either ignores or demands a TES system to be run in conjunction with a combined heat and power unit, depending on the perspective. With the use of a heat network, we want to eliminate this requirement. As a result, the optimal dispatch model for CEHS considering an independent TES (ITES) system with networked electric and heat energy distribution networks is proposed. Because of the MFR reversal that occurs when ITES changes its operation state, the heat network's non-convex sections are precisely recast to mixed-integer linear (MIL) constraints, resulting in a mixed-integer second-order programming formulation of the issue. ITES not only reduces total operating costs, but also improves the system's dependability and flexibility to accommodate renewable energy sources.

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