Maximum Boost Control of Diode-assisted Buck boost Voltage Source Inverter with Minimum


Voltage source inverter diodes support buck-boost by introducing switch-capacitor-based high step up dc-dc circuit between the source and the inverter bridge to obtain high voltage gain. The chopped intermediate dc-link voltage is used to develop alternative pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques for the unique construction. This research provides a revolutionary PWM method in order to maximise voltage gain and increase efficiency. It controls the front boost circuit to ensure that the average dc-link voltage in one switching time period (T s) is the same as the maximum three-phase line voltage at any given time. Consequently, the inverter bridge's equivalent switching frequency of power devices can be cut in half, to 1/f s. Simulations and tests are used to examine and verify the operating principle and closed-loop controller design. The novel control technique has a lower power device need and a higher efficiency in high voltage gain situations compared to conventional PWM strategies. Wide range dc/ac voltage regulation in renewable energy applications benefits from this topology, which is more cost-effective. New control method results in six times more line-frequency ripples on the dc side inductor current and capacitor voltage. It is also ideal for medium-frequency aviation and marine power supply systems that operate at 400-800 Hz.

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