Battery Energy Storage System to Stabilize Transient Voltage and Frequency and Enhance Power Export Capability


Power System transient voltage and frequency stability, as well as power export capacity, can be improved by the use of a battery energy storage system (BESS), a static compensator (STATCOM), and interconnected Power Systems. An comparable Finnish transmission grid is utilised to evaluate the system performance of a PI-lead and lead-lag controlled BESS for a multimachine Power System. Australian National Electricity Market grid regulations dictate that proposed control schemes be compared to conventional BESS and STATCOM systems controlled by PI, under both temporary and permanent fault circumstances. BESS and STATCOM system performance is also evaluated in the context of two neighbouring disturbance events. When the STATCOM fails and power export increases by 44 percent, simulation results demonstrate that integrating BESS enhances performance, which validates the study's uniqueness. BESS with PI-lead and typical PI controller, however, exhibits worse transient performance than the suggested leadlag-controlled BESS when there are several temporary and permanent failures.

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