Modeling and simulation for smart grid integration of solor wind energy


Power grid analysis and control are essential because of the system's complexity and the rising demand for electricity. The requirement to monitor and operate a huge number of sensors and actuators, new forms of distributed energy sources, and new types of loads is exacerbated by the movement of the legacy system toward the new smart grid. This integration of human activity into the smart grid will allow it to track, distribute and manage data on commercial operations as well as real-world activities. Using modelling and simulation in this context is a valuable tool for analysing system behaviour, estimating energy consumption, and predicting future states. Analysis of Active Power in MATLAB/SIMULINK has been performed in this study. Using an analysis of active power, it is possible to determine the range of maximum permitted loads that can be connected to the bus bars. Using a tiny signal analysis approach, this research examines how the value of Active Power changes with load angle variation. Automated energy delivery networks can be created using the Smart Grid, which utilises a two-way flow of electricity and information.

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