Distributed Operation of Interlinked AC Microgrids with Dynamic Active and Reactive Power Tuning


It is possible to build microgrids out of the grouping of modern generating sources with storage systems and loads in a relatively small space. Microgrids can theoretically run at their desired voltages and frequencies because they are independent. Interconnecting power converters are consequently required for connecting them to the mains grid or another microgrid without relying on quick Communication links. It has been proposed in this study that two or more independent microgrids operating at different voltages and frequencies can be interconnected using a distributed power management technique. Microgrid sources can focus more on generating active power, while interconnecting converters can focus more on satisfying the load's reactive demand. An overloaded microgrid can use backup active power from an underloaded microgrid to serve loads above its rated capacity if that becomes necessary. Experimentation has already shown that the proposed method works well.

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