Optimal placement of DG and DSTATCOM


Due to the increasing depletion of fossil fuels and massive environmental pollution, attention is shifting away from traditional power generation methods and toward non-conventional DERs at the distribution voltage level. Microgrids and active distribution networks are the outcome of technological advancements and greater research into the use of DERs. When small DER units are put near load in a network, the network becomes more reliable since it can work in islanding mode in the event of a network fault. In the active distribution network, this study provides a technique for reducing losses and improving bus voltages. A DG in the form of tiny renewable energy resources such as solar PV, wind, and biomass is strategically placed to reduce network losses. However, the location of DG does not meet the network's reactive power needs, resulting in undervoltage on multiple buses. The appropriate positioning of DSTATCOM solves the problem of undervoltage. On the MATLAB platform, the DLF approach is employed for load flow calculations, and the LSF together with voltage deviation is used in the objective function for optimal DG location. On a 33-bus radial distribution system, the methodology is evaluated.

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