Enhanced-Boost Quasi-Z-Source Inverters with Two Switched Impedance Network


Enhanced-boost quasi-Z-source inverters (qZSI) with two-switched impedance networks (continuous input current configuration and discontinuous input current configuration) are reported in this research. Like ZSIs, these suggested inverter designs have very strong boost voltage inversion at a low shoot-through duty ratio and high modulation index to give an improved quality output voltage, similar to ZSIs. To avoid the initial inrush problem, these suggested inverter topologies share common ground with the source and bridge, and draw continuous input current and the lower voltage across capacitors compared to ZSIs with two-switched Z-source impedance networks. As a bonus, the ripple current in the input is practically nonexistent. Continuous input current configuration enhanced-boost qZSI with two switched impedance networks is described and compared to ZSI, ZSI, DA/CA-qZSI, and enhanced-boost ZSIs in terms of operating principles and analysis. Through simulation and experimentation, the theoretical analysis is proven correct.

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