Critical Load Restoration using Distributed Energy Resources for Resilient Power Distribution System


In the face of extreme weather events, the ageing and obsolete power distribution systems have a substantial effect. To put it another way, customers' safety can be put at risk by these high-impact low-probability incidents. This necessitates the need to provide network resilience by promptly restoring vital services in the event of a catastrophe. This study provides a new feeder restoration approach that uses dispersed energy resources to restore key loads (DERs). Critical loads can be restored in the most efficient way possible by utilising the grid's available DER resources in the most efficient way possible, according to the proposed approach. While simultaneously meeting grid critical connection and operational limitations and guaranteeing radial functioning for every given open-loop feeder configuration, the restoration problem is represented as a mixed-integer linear programme. Use of IEEE 123-node feeder with 11 critical loads and IEEE 906-bus feeder with three DERs for 17 critical loads demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed approach As a result of this study, it is shown that our proposed approach is able to successfully restore the maximum number of important loads utilising only the available DERs.

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