Stability Analysis of Primary Plug-and-Play and Secondary Leader-based Controllers for DC Microgrid Clusters


The connectivity of atomic dc MGs with ZIP loads, each constituted of grid-forming and grid-feeding converters, is presented in this study as a new hierarchical control strategy for microgrid (MG) clusters. In order to simultaneously support voltage and feed current with local references, we are developing a new Plug-and-Play (PnP) voltage/current controller at the primary level. There are explicit inequalities for each stabilising controller, which are only connected to the local electrical properties of MGs. Zip loads must meet certain conditions to ensure the electric system's passivity and asymptotic stability. It is also shown that performance can withstand system uncertainty. Voltage and current regulation can be achieved for the MG cluster without setting specific set points for each MG using a leader-based controller. In order to implement the suggested distributed controller, each regulator must communicate solely with its Communication neighbours. Each MG will be able to plug in and out with ease using the proposed system, regardless of the power line specifications or models of other MGs. Closed loop stability proof of MG clusters has been formally shown regardless of the cluster structure. Furthermore, rigorous hardware-in-the-loop testing show that the closed-loop cluster is robust to perturbations in the loads, PnP operations, and noises/delays in the Communication network.

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