Ac-Dc-Ac Single-Phase Multilevel Six-Leg Converter with Reduced Number of Controlled Switches - 2017


This paper proposes 2 unidirectional single-part ac-dc-ac converters with a reduced variety of controlled switches composed of two 3-leg converters connected in series. The proposed converters allow us to feed the load voltage with sinusoidal voltages with constant amplitude and frequency and to control with sinusoidal grid current with a high power issue. The converters can then be used as uninterruptible power provides and unified power quality conditioners for nonregenerative applications. The system model, house-vector pulse width modulation technique, and a complete management system are given. A methodology to control the dc-link voltages using the voltage vector redundancies is presented. The proposed topologies are compared with the standard one in terms of operation range, capability to work with a unity grid power factor, voltage harmonic distortions, semiconductor losses, and others characteristics. Simulation and experimental results in several operating conditions are provided to validate the feasibility of the system.

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PROJECT TITLE :Ac-Dc-Ac Single-Phase Multilevel Six-Leg Converter with Reduced Number of Controlled Switches - 2017ABSTRACT:This paper proposes 2 unidirectional single-phase ac-dc-ac converters with a reduced number of controlled
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