Fast Fault Diagnosis Method for Hall Sensors in Brushless DC Motor Drives


Because of their simplicity and low cost, brushless direct current motors with Hall sensors are frequently employed in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Meanwhile, renewed interest in Hall sensor drive fault tolerant control (FTC) has emerged. During FTC, the motor drives must identify and repair the Hall-sensor faults (s). Here, we offer a unique fast fault diagnostic (FFD) approach for assessing various failure scenarios and recognising defective signals as quickly as possible. While traditional techniques of fault diagnosis necessitate the use of vector-tracking observers, the FFD method is capable of diagnosing up to two problems at once and does so much faster. During transient operations, our simulation and experiment findings indicate the usefulness of the suggested method and its advantages over established methods. Conventional drive systems can easily include the suggested FFD technique due to the simplicity of the diagnostic methodology, either through additional coding in current controllers or as an additional circuit.

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