Enhanced Automatic-Power-Decoupling Control Method for Single-Phase AC-to-DC Converters - 2017


Existing control schemes for single-part ac-to-dc converters with active power-decoupling perform typically involve a fervent power-decoupling controller. Because of the highly coupled and nonlinear nature of the only-part system, the look of the ability-decoupling controller (typically primarily based on the small-signal linear control techniques) is cumbersome, and also the management structure is complicated. Additionally, with the present power-decoupling management, it is hard to realize satisfied dynamic responses and robust circuit operation. Following a recently proposed automatic-power-decoupling control scheme, this paper proposes a nonlinear management method which will achieve enhanced massive-signal dynamic responses with strong disturbance rejection capability without the necessity for a passionate power-decoupling controller. The proposed controller has a easy structure, of that the design is easy. The control technique will be easily extended to alternative single-phase ac-to-dc systems with active power-decoupling perform. Simulation and experimental results validate the feasibility of the proposed control technique on a 2-switch buck-boost PFC rectifier prototype.

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