Interleaved-Input Series-Output Ultra High Voltage Gain DC-DC Converter


Due to the low voltage level of many nonpolluting power resources, ultra-high voltage gain dc-dc converters are vitally necessary. With an interleave approach and three-winding coupled inductor, this study presents an ultra high voltage gain converter. In order to reduce the size of filter components, the interleave technique might be used. Solid-state switches are not required to operate at an excessive duty cycle in the proposed converter. Increase the turn ratio of the secondary of the connected inductors to reduce voltage stress on semiconductor devices. In addition, the peak-to-peak volatility of the main input current and switching losses are greatly decreased by the interleave structure. A description of the converter's steady-state behaviour in continuous conduction mode operation is provided. Also included are design equations. Simulated and real-world results from a 120-watt prototype test the converter's validity and efficiency.

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