High Frequency PCB Winding Transformer with Integrated Inductors for a Bi-directional Resonant Converter


Unrelenting progress is being made toward high-power density, high-efficiency power converters. High-frequency operation is the key to lowering the size of power converters, and the magnetic components are the bottleneck. It is possible to use printed circuit board (PCB) winding planar magnetics with widebandgap devices since the switching frequency of power converters has increased dramatically to hundreds of kilohertz. With planar magnetics, not only can the converter size be reduced, but the dependability of the device is also increased through an automated manufacturing process with reproducible parasitics. A second method for reducing the number of magnetic components and reducing the size of power converters is to use magnetic integration. An inductor and a transformer can be combined into a single component using an unique PCB winding-based magnetic construction suggested in this paper. It is simple to alter the inductor's value by adjusting the core cross-sectional area or air gap length with this design. It has been created to test the viability of the proposed PCB winding-based magnetic structure for the proposed CLLC resonant converter, which has a power density of 130 W/in 3 (8 kW/L).

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