Solid-State Single-Port Series Damping Device for Power Converters in DC Microgrid Systems


Because of interactions between the bus impedance, input filters, and converters, dc microgrid power converters may experience undesirable input voltage and current oscillations. These oscillations can be dealt with using a solid-state single-port series damper (the "S 3 damper"). Using a transistor as an ac resistor, the damper is linked between the input filter and the converter. It reduces the filter's quality factor, which has a dampening impact on the converter's interaction with the filter. As a result, it helps to prevent voltage and current oscillations between the filter's input impedance (Impedance) and bus. A low-dropout voltage regulator is also used to keep the transistor from wasting energy. The system of control is self-contained. It also doesn't require any power capacitor or inductor, which favours the damper's compactness and long-term durability. The S 3 damper will be modelled, designed, and thoroughly analysed by us. Prototype dampers have been created and tested for the commercially available 100 W DC-DC converter, which operates on a 48 V bus.

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