Advanced Voltage Support and Active Power Flow Control in Grid-Connected Converters under Unbalanced Conditions - 2017


Supporting the grid and improving its reliability have recently become major needs for giant distributed generation units. Under most grid faults, the accuracy of the ancient voltage support schemes (VSSs) is dramatically affected due to the existence of the zero-sequence voltage. Also, the traditional VSSs have been used only in the STATCOM applications, where the active power is zero. This paper proposes a complicated VSS within the converter-interfaced units, referred to as zero-sequence compensated voltage support (ZCVS), to accurately regulate the 3-phase voltages of the association purpose among the pre-set safety limits. The proposed theme not solely compensates the zero-sequence part but conjointly considers the active power injection. Unlike the ancient strategies, the proposed VSS is tailored even in resistive distribution systems. The contribution of this paper is, however, ternate. As the second contribution, the limited active power oscillation (LAPO) is proposed to be augmented to the ZCVS. This feature limits the oscillation to a specified worth which provides an adjustable dc-link voltage oscillation setting whereas simultaneously supporting the ac host grid, even below severe unbalanced faults. Third, the utmost active power delivery (MAPD) to the ac grid is additionally formulated for the ZCVS. The successful results of the proposed support scheme and complementary ways are verified using selected simulation and experimental test cases.

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