Comprehensive Diagnosis and Tolerance Strategies for Electrical Faults and Sensor Faults in Dual Three-Phase PMSM Drives


To increase the dependability of dual three-phase permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drives, comprehensive fault diagnostic and fault-tolerant control algorithms have been examined in this study. Methods for diagnosing and coping with various failures, including speed-sensor faults, dc-link voltage-sensor faults, current sensors, open-phase and open switches have been developed using direct torque control (DTC) with space vector modulation. In the first place, speed sensor fault detection and tolerance techniques are proposed by estimating the rotor angle speed with the stator flux rotating speed. For dc-link voltage sensor faults, a combination of the current model based stator flux observer and the voltage model based stator flux observer is proposed for diagnosis and tolerance. In the third stage, a three-step approach is developed to diagnose three types of defects linked to current signals simultaneously, such as current sensor, open-phase fault, and open switch. When dealing with current sensor failure, a vector space decomposition-based current estimate approach is proposed, and a voltage compensation method is presented for dealing with open phase and open switch faults. The proposed fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant techniques have been tested on a laboratory prototype to see if they work.

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