Power Density and Efficiency Enhancement in ICN DC-DC Converters Using Topology Morphing Control


To regulate output voltage in ICN resonant dc-dc converters, the rectifier of the ICN converter cycles between full and half bridge topologies. When compared to the more traditional burst mode (on/off) control, the ICN converter can use this topology morphing control strategy to maintain soft switching across power levels while reducing output capacitance requirements and boosting partial-power efficiency. Using a new closed-loop control architecture, the output voltage of the ICN converter can be smoothly transitioned between the various operating modes of the proposed topology morphing control while still maintaining a constant output voltage under varying input voltage and load conditions. A 1-MHz, 120-W step-down ICN resonant converter prototype with burst mode control and the proposed topology morphing control was built and tested for an input voltage range of 18-36 V, an output voltage of 12 V, and a 10:1 output power range. At partial power levels, the converter losses can be reduced by up to 46.5% using topology morphing control to reduce output capacitance requirements by 57%. It has also been demonstrated that the prototype ICN converter is able to maintain a stable output voltage in the face of varying input voltage and load conditions.

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