Adaptive Notch Filter Based Multipurpose Control Scheme for Grid-Interfaced Three-Phase Four-Wire DG Inverter - 2017


The ability electronic converter and its management system kind an integral half of distributed generation (DG) systems interfacing renewable energy sources to the utility network. This paper proposes an adaptive notch filter-primarily based multipurpose management scheme for grid interfacing DG inverter under corrupted grid conditions. The proposed control theme uses a frequency adaptive sequence elements extractor, that is capable of extracting instantaneous symmetrical elements and harmonic components of 3-section signals. The DG inverter during this study consists of 3 single-section voltage supply inverters with common dc bus and paired to utility grid via 3 single-section transformers. The proposed control scheme permits the DG inverter to perform multiple tasks like reference power injection to grid, low voltage ride through, load reactive power support, and compensation of harmonic, unbalanced, and neutral currents. The efficacy of the proposed management scheme is evaluated through MATLAB/Simulink simulations and experimentally verified employing a hardware-in-the-loop based system.

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