Operational Analysis of Improved _-Z-Source Inverter with Clamping Diode and its Comparative Evaluation - 2017


Due to a substantial shortage of typical energy sources, the utilization of renewable energy is gaining attention. Power converters type interfaces to provide power from renewable energy sources to finish user systems. Impedance-supply inverters (ZSIs) became a analysis hotspot and are widely used to overcome the drawbacks of typical voltage-supply inverters and current-supply inverters like 2-stage power conversion and less immunity to electromagnetic interference noises. This paper presents various transformer-based mostly ZSIs mainly classified as trans-ZSIs, improved trans-ZSIs, inductor-capacitor-capacitor transformer ZSI, TZSIs, and their comparisons with a replacement family of ZSIs called G-Z-source inverters (GZSI). Full operational analysis of an improved GZSI with the clamping diode D2 and its advantages over the standard GZSI are also mentioned. The improved GZSI utilizes a better modulation index and consequently a lower duty cycle to achieve same gain, therefore reducing the switch voltage stress and providing better output quality. Additionally, an additional diode provides voltage clamping to the dc-link voltage to limit voltage overshoots. The comparative evaluations of all the above mentioned ZSIs are presented within the literature and to validate the advantages of the improved GZSI, simulations, and experimental comparisons are also performed.

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