A Highly Reliable and Efficient Class of Single Stage High-Frequency AC-Link Converters


An entirely new class of high-frequency ac-link power converters has been proposed in this study, capable of supplying voltage step up/down across a large frequency and voltage range. One of the main advantages of the suggested design is that it supports bidirectional power flow, which means that it may be used to connect various single/multi-port dc and/or single/multi-phase AC systems. A tiny inductor serves as the link between the source and the load in this family of converters, which have a modular structure. When using the proposed family, users have the option of choosing between buck, boost, or buck-boost operation, as well as any combination of these. The suggested family has a much lower link peak current, lower switch ratings, and a lower total number of power switches compared to the parallel inductive four-quadrant link converters. They improve the system's efficiency, lower the total cost, and increase the system's density. A tiny capacitor is connected in series with the link inductor in order to achieve soft-switching operation, which improves overall system efficiency, reduces current/voltage stress on all used semiconductor devices, and reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI). It is also possible to use a lightweight single-phase high-frequency transformer for electrical isolation in the suggested converters Using external fast recovery diodes in conjunction with power switches prevents reverse recovery issues and eliminates losses associated with the body diodes of power switching devices. Short circuit of input and output terminals and open circuit of link inductor can arise in other power converters due to the commutation problem caused by a short deflection of the link inductor.

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