A Single-Stage Two-Switch PFC Rectifier with Wide Output Voltage Range and Automatic AC Ripple Power Decoupling - 2017


Typical single-part power-issue-correction (PFC) rectifiers with active power decoupling capability typically require additional than 3 active switches in their circuits. By exploring the concept of power-buffer cell, a new single-stage PFC rectifier with two active switches, one inductor and one little power-buffering capacitor is reported during this paper. The proposed converter will achieve high-power factor, wide output voltage vary, and power decoupling perform without using electrolytic capacitor. Additionally, an automatic power decoupling control theme that's simple and simple to implement is proposed during this paper. The operating principle, control method, and design issues of the proposed rectifier are also provided. A a hundred-W prototype with ac input voltage of a hundred and ten Vrms and a regulated dc output voltage starting from thirty to one hundred V has been successfully designed and practically tested. The experimental results show that with only a fifteen µF power-buffering film capacitor, the proposed converter will achieve an input power factor of over zero.98, peak potency of 93.ninep.c, and output voltage ripple of less than threep.c, at 100-W output power.

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