A New SST Topology Comprising Boost Three- Level AC/DC Converters for Applications in Electric Power Distribution Systems - 2017


The growing interest in integrating distributed generation into the existing power distribution grid, the rise within the penetration levels of renewables, plus the requirement to achieve a additional efficient, reliable, and sustainable grid is leading to the development of recent grid-interfaced power converters like the solid-state transformer (SST). As current and voltage ratings of commercially offered power semiconductor devices are normally below power ratings needed in distribution systems (e.g., 13.8 kVrms), multiple modules should be connected in cascade configuration at the high-voltage (HV) facet to reach higher voltage ratings as well as in parallel at the low-voltage (LV) side to achieve high current levels. A new SST topology consisting of modular boost-based mostly three-level ac-dc converters, medium-frequency transformers with 2 secondary windings, and four-leg ac-dc converters is presented during this paper. When compared to similar approaches, the proposed topology contains fewer power conversion stages, lower voltage across the semiconductor devices on the HV aspect, and lower current flowing through each device on the LV facet. These characteristics cut back the amount of series-connected modules within the HV facet and parallel-connected devices in the LV aspect. The feasibility of the proposed topology is experimentally validated on a five hundred W, 120 Vac/forty eight Vdc scaled-down prototype.

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