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List of articles in category MTECH VLSI ( VHDL/VERILOG ) PROJECTS
A CMOS PWM Transceiver Using Self-Referenced Edge Detection - 2015
Efficient Static D-Latch Standard Cell Characterization Using a Novel Setup Time Model - 2015
High-Frequency CMOS Active Inductor Design Methodology and Noise Analysis - 2015
High-Performance and High-Yield 5 nm Underlapped FinFET SRAM Design using P-type Access Transistors - 2015
On the Nonvolatile Performance of Flip-FlopSRAM Cells With a Single MTJ - 2015
Read Performance The Newest Barrier in Scaled STT-RAM - 2015
An All-Digital Scalable and Reconfigurable Wide-Input Range Stochastic ADC Using Only Standard Cells - 2015
A Sub-mW, Ultra-Low-Voltage, Wideband Low-Noise Amplifier Design Technique - 2015
A Highly-Scalable Analog Equalizer Using a Tunable and Current-Reusable Active Inductor for 10-Gb/s I/O Links - 2015
A High Speed 256-Bit Carry Look Ahead Adder Design Using 22nm Strained Silicon Technology - 2015
A 0.325 V, 600-kHz, 40-nm 72-kb 9T Subthreshold SRAM with Aligned Boosted Write Wordline and Negative Write Bitline Write-Assist - 2015
A 0.25-V 28-nW 58-dB Dynamic Range Asynchronous Delta Sigma Modulator in 130-nm Digital CMOS Process - 2015
Design and Performance Evaluation of A Low Transistor Ternary CNTFET SRAM Cell - 2015
Design and simulation of single layered Logic Generator Block using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata - 2015
Design Method of Single-Flux-Quantum Logic Circuits Using Dynamically Reconfigurable Logic Gates - 2015
Design of high speed ternary full adder and threeinput XOR circuits using CNTFETs - 2015
Digtial to time converter using SET - 2015
Low Power Multiplier Architectures Using Vedic Mathematics in 45nm Technology for High Speed Computing - 2015
Low-power, high-speed dual modulus prescalers based on branch-merged true single-phase clocked scheme - 2015
Voltage mode implementation of highly accurate analog multiplier circuit - 2015
TM-RF Aging-Aware Power-Efficient Register File Design for Modern Microprocessors - 2015
Frequency-Tuning Negative-Conductance Boosted Structure and Applications for Low-Voltage Low-Power Wide-Tuning-Range VCO - 2015
A Sub-mW, Ultra-Low-Voltage, Wideband Low-Noise Amplifier Design Technique - 2015
Design and synthesis of bandwidth efficient QPSK modulator for low power VLSI design - 2015
Low-Power Programmable PRPG With Test Compression Capabilities - 2015

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