A CMOS PWM Transceiver Using Self-Referenced Edge Detection - 2015


A CMOS pulsewidth modulation (PWM) transceiver circuit that exploits the self-referenced edge detection technique is presented. By comparing the rising edge that is self-delayed by about 0.five T and also the modulated falling edge in one carrier clock cycle, area-efficient and high-robustness (against timing fluctuations) edge detection enabling PWM communication is achieved without requiring elaborate part-locked loops. Since the proposed self-referenced edge detection circuit has the potential of timing error measurement whereas changing the length of self-delay element, adaptive knowledge-rate optimization and delay-line calibration are realized. The measured results with a 65-nm CMOS prototype demonstrate a 2-bit PWM communication, high data rate (three.two Gb/s), and high reliability (BER> 10-twelve) with little area occupation (540 µm2). For reliability improvement, error check and correction associated with intercycle edge detection is introduced and its effectiveness is verified by one-bit PWM measurement.

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