Global Energy Efficiency Optimization for Wireless-Powered Massive MIMO Aided Multiway AF Relay Networks - 2018


This Project considers a wireless-powered massive multi-input multioutput aided multiway amplify-and-forward relay network, where a relay equipped with large antennas charges users through energy beamforming and assists with wireless info transmission. For this method, we have a tendency to propose a completely unique energy-economical resource allocation theme for the worldwide energy efficiency (GEE) optimization. In specific, we tend to 1st derive an correct closed-type expression of GEE when zero-forcing transceivers are utilized in the considered system. Second, based mostly on this analytical expression, we tend to formulate a resource allocation optimization drawback for the GEE maximization by jointly optimizing power and time allocation, subject to restricted transmit power, time period, and minimum quality-of-service constraints. Thanks to the complexity of this nonconvex optimization, a 2-layer iterative algorithm is proposed to address the original GEE maximization drawback. Numerical results demonstrate the accuracy of our theoretical analysis and also the effectiveness of the derived algorithms.

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