Relay Hybrid Precoding Design in Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Systems - 2018


This Project investigates the relay hybrid precoding style in millimeter-wave massive multiple-input multiple-output systems. The optimal style of the relay hybrid precoding is extremely nonconvex, due to the six-order polynomial objective function, six-order polynomial constraint, and constant-modulus constraints. To efficiently solve this challenging nonconvex drawback, we first reformulate it into three quadratic subproblems, where one amongst the subproblems is convex and the opposite two are nonconvex. Then, we propose an iterative successive approximation (ISA) algorithm to attain the high-approximate optimal resolution to the initial downside. Specifically, within the proposed ISA algorithm, we initial convert the two nonconvex subproblems to convex ones by the relief of the constant-modulus constraints, and then we tend to solve the three corresponding convex subproblems iteratively. We tend to theoretically prove that the ISA algorithm converges to a Karush-Kuhn-Tucker purpose of the original drawback. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed ISA algorithm achieves smart performance in terms of achievable rate in each full-connected and subconnected relay hybrid precoding systems.

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