Adaptive Radar Detectors Based on the Observed FIM - 2018


Modified versions of Rao, Wald, and Durbin tests are considered exploiting an estimator of the Fisher Information Matrix (FIM) in place of the exact one. They are asymptotically equivalent (underneath some technical conditions) to the quality counterparts and depend upon the utilization of the Observed FIM (OFIM), that is proportional to the negative Hessian of the log-likelihood. The developed framework is applied to the matter of adaptive radar detection of a purpose-like target in homogeneous or partially-homogeneous interference. Remarkably, for both the eventualities, it's shown that Rao, Wald, and Durbin tests with OFIM are statistically comparable to the Generalized Chance Ratio Check (GLRT) for the precise detection drawback (specifically Kelly's detector for the homogeneous setting and therefore the Adaptive Coherence Estimator (ACE) [S. Kraut and L. L. Scharf, “The CFAR adaptive subspace detector is a scale-invariant GLRT,” IEEE Trans. Signal Process., vol. forty seven, no. nine, pp. 2538-2541, Sep. 199nine.], additionally known as Adaptive Normalized Matched Filter (ANMF) [E. Conte, M. Lops, and G. Ricci, “Asymptotically optimum radar detection in compound-gaussian litter,” IEEE Trans. Aerosp. Electron. Syst., vol. 31, no. two, pp. 617-625, Apr. 1995], for the partially-homogeneous state of affairs). This provides a replacement interpretation of the mentioned GLRTs laying the foundations for a better understanding of their theoretical validity.

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