Spatial- and Frequency-Wideband Effects in Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Systems - 2018


When there are a giant range of antennas in large MIMO systems, the transmitted wideband signal can be sensitive to the physical propagation delay of electromagnetic waves across the big array aperture, that is called the spatial-wideband impact. In this situation, the transceiver design is totally different from most of the existing works, which presume that the bandwidth of the transmitted signals is not that wide, ignore the spatial-wideband impact, and only address the frequency selectivity. In this Project, we tend to investigate spatial- and frequency-wideband effects, called dual-wideband effects in massive MIMO systems from the array Signal Processing purpose of view. Taking millimeter-wave-band Communications as an example, we have a tendency to describe the transmission process to address the dual-wideband effects. By exploiting the channel sparsity within the angle domain and also the delay domain, we tend to develop the economical uplink and downlink channel estimation strategies that require abundant less quantity of training overhead and cause no pilot contamination. Thanks to the array Signal Processing techniques, the proposed channel estimation is suitable for both TDD and FDD large MIMO systems. Numerical examples demonstrate that the proposed transmission design for massive MIMO systems will effectively handle the dual-wideband effects.

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