Joint Channel-Estimation and Equalization of Single-Carrier Systems via Bilinear AMP - 2018


We propose a completely unique soft-input soft-output equalizer for single-carrier transmissions over unknown frequency-selective block-fading channels. Our equalizer leverages the recently proposed parametric bilinear generalized approximate message passing algorithm for joint channel-estimation and symbol-detection, and exploits quick Fourier transform (FFT)-processing to realize a per-image complexity that grows only logarithmically in the channel delay-unfold. Furthermore, it supports the employment of Gaussian mixture models to support the approximately sparse nature of wideband wireless channel responses. Numerical experiments, conducted using physically motivated Saleh-Valenzuela channel models, show that the proposed approach achieves channel normalized mean sq. error and bit error rate that are vital improved over existing turbo frequency-domain equalization approaches for unknown channels. Extra experiments show that the proposed theme facilitates much higher spectral efficiencies than sparse deconvolution strategies primarily based on convex relaxation.

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