Subspace Rejection for Matching Pursuit in the Presence of Unresolved Targets - 2018


Unresolved scatterers (separated by but a three-dB matched filter main lobe width) are known to degrade the matching pursuit performances in radar: It tends to get spurious detection or miss weaker targets, hidden in sturdy sidelobes. In this Project, we tend to propose a replacement matching pursuit algorithm performing a subspace radar resolution cell rejection. The philosophy is the following: As it is sometimes not possible to distinguish several unresolved scatterers, we do not try to distinguish them, but when a scatterer is detected, then every contribution within the corresponding resolution cell should be cleaned. For that, the continuous cell interval is approximated by a subspace and therefore the corresponding orthogonal projector is build. The projector basis is chosen thus that it minimizes the projection residue inside the interval and a technique is proposed to pick its dimension in line with the rejected target SNR. We have a tendency to show that it enables to manage the sidelobe level once rejection (orthogonal projection) therefore that the sidelobe detection probability will be maintained low. It allows matching pursuit to work well whether or not the target parameter distribution differs from a delta Dirac distribution within the matched filter resolution cell.

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