System Architecture and Signal Processing for Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave Radar Using Active Backscatter Tags - 2018


During this Project, we study a frequency-modulated continuous-wave primarily based radio-frequency identification system, that consists of a reader with single transmitter and multiple receiving antennas as well as multiple active backscatter tags. In specific, our contribution is twofold in this Project. 1st, we construct a general design for achieving the functionality of wireless positioning primarily based on the principle of the switched injection-locked oscillator (SILO). Unlike the previous SILO-based schemes, some limitations on the pulsed waveform generated by the tags are overcome. Additionally, only one reader founded with multiple receiving antennas is employed to precisely localize tags primarily based on the delay and direction-of-arrival estimates. Second, the developed algorithms build use of a shift invariant property among the baseband signal snapshots of intra- and/or intermodulation intervals, i.e., snapshots in one modulation period and/or sets of snapshots in multiple modulation periods. A brand new joint singular price decomposition primarily based ESPRIT algorithm is developed for determining the number of multiple active tags and their positions by implementing the matrix reconstruction and stacking techniques. The proposed method has its basic foundation on the processing of received knowledge with international fusion theme. In this approach, this methodology will improve the performance of parameter estimates in terms of accuracy and determination without plagued by the combine matching problem. System simulations and experimental validations are applied to verify the proposed system design associated with the Signal Processing technique.

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