Joint System Design for Coexistence of MIMO Radar and MIMO Communication - 2018


This Project considers the joint style of a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar with co-located antennas and a MIMO Communication system. The degrees of freedom underneath the designer's management are the waveforms transmitted by the radar transmit array, the filter at the radar array and also the code-book employed by the Communication system to make its house-time code matrix. 2 formulations of the spectrum sharing drawback are proposed. 1st, the look problem is stated as the constrained maximization of the signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio at the radar receiver, where interference is due to both litter and also the coexistence structure, and therefore the constraints concern both the similarity with a commonplace radar waveform and the speed achievable by the Communication system, on high of those on the transmit energy. The resulting problem is nonconvex, but a reduced-complexity iterative algorithm, based mostly on iterative alternating maximization of 3 suitably designed subproblems, is proposed and analyzed. In addition, the constrained maximization of the Communication rate is additionally investigated. The convergence of all the devised algorithms is guaranteed. Finally, a radical performance assessment is presented, geared toward showing the deserves of the proposed approach.

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