A High-Speed and Power-Efficient Voltage Level Shifter for Dual-Supply Applications - 2017


This brief presents a fast and power-economical voltage levelshifting circuit capable of converting extraordinarily low levels of input voltages into high output voltage levels. The efficiency of the proposed circuit is because of the fact that not solely the strength of the pull-up device is significantly reduced when the pull-down device is knocking down the output node, but the strength of the pull-down device is also increased using a low-power auxiliary circuit. Postlayout simulation results of the proposed circuit in a very zero.18-µm technology demonstrate a total energy per transition of 157 fJ, a static power dissipation of zero.three nW, and a propagation delay of thirty ns for input frequency of 1 MHz, low offer voltage level of V DDL = 0.4 V, and high supply voltage level of V DDH = 1.eight V.

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