A Transformer less High-Voltage DC-DC Converter for DC grid Interconnection - 2017


This paper presents a transformerless high-voltage dc-dc converter based mostly on cascaded sub-modules. It is supposed for interconnecting high-voltage or medium-voltage dc grids. The proposed dc-dc converter consists of two section legs, each of which consists of an upper arm and a lower arm with their middle nodes crossly connected through a branch of active sub-modules. By properly controlling the output voltage of the cross-connected branch, a trapezoidal ac current is induced to interact with the ac voltage elements within the higher and lower arm for rebalancing the facility amongst converter arms. The options of modular design, single-stage power conversion, and transformerless structure create the proposed dc-dc converter gain the outstanding deserves of wide voltage ratio vary, high system potency, and light-weight converter weight. A management scheme is also elaborated for guaranteeing the normal operation of the proposed dc-dc converter. A one hundred-kV one hundred-MW simulation model performed in MATLAB/Simulink verifies the feasibility of the proposed dc-dc converter. Experimental results obtained from a 100-V one-kW laboratory setup also ensure the validation of the proposal.

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